Core Values of our Employment

It is the company responsibility to provide equal opportunity for all qualified candidates without discrimination against any applicant or employee, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability and other protected status.

This applies to recruitment and selection, promotion, training, transfer, rotation, and any other employment conditions.

Equal Employment and non discriminated advanced opportunity are the main parameters of our recruitment and selection.

Armada is committed to use a consistent and systematic approach to hiring qualified staff members through a fair and merit based process.

Candidate-Online Application
Candidates browsing Armada Employment Opportunities will fill our online application. This should not take more than 5 minutes.
Your CV should be attached for us to screen with basic information needed. An automated reply will be sent to you with the closing date for the applied vacancy and the time frame needed for your application result.

Sourcing of CVs will be based on the job description set for the vacant position. Our recruitment specialist will analyze your skills versus the requirements.

Contact with Candidate
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by our HR Department for a brief telephone interview in order to compile more information about you. Selected candidates for Face to Face Interview will receive an email with Location Map, Time, Date and name of interviewers.

The interview will evolve specific questions focused on the selection criteria, through competency based process. Final decision will be made and communicated to the shortlisted candidate. An Appointment letter will be prepared as per the details agreed on.

Appointment Letter & Agreement 
As soon as Appointment Letter is signed by both parties agreeing on a legal joining date, the HR Department will then communicate to the non shortlisted candidates that their application has been unsuccessful.
Your Career at Armada will be added with learning and development. With our mixture of nationality and Businesses across the UAE, you will experience entrepreneurial work environment and long term growth in all our operations. 

Your ideas and contributions are welcomed and will be recognized through our incentives programs.

At Armada, we offer a fair compensation and benefits scheme for all positions. Your career path will be always reviewed and rewarded.

In order to promote a capable, efficient, and quality focused workforce, the training and development needs are mandatory practices at Armada. 

Training will be planned generally for:

New Employees

To orient them on Armada programs and policies

To teach them the needed skills, knowledge, behavior, and attitudes to safely and efficiently perform their jobs.

Supervisory and Management Employees
To provide them with leadership, management, and human relations skills in order to effectively lead, guide the respective employees for goals and objectives required for the department and organization

A lot of methods are used at Armada Training & Development Center. It could be a combination or a separate module designed to fit the needs Technical Training, Proficiency Training, Development Training, In House Training, and External Training.

Come Grow With Us

We support employees' professional development in multiple ways possible and encourage employees to make time for ongoing education and training. We offer a variety of opportunities to engage and stimulate them and to help them grow in competence and confidence.

We value people who take initiative and don’t have to be told on a day-to-day basis what to do.

They come with ideas and are willing to step up, present ideas, think critically, and take the lead. 
We are looking for people who want challenging assignments and like to achieve.

If you are looking for a career where you work with dedicated, intelligent people, where you are part of a team-oriented family environment, and where you know the work you do, come work for Armada Group.

Our employees performance can only flourish in a sound and balanced work/life environment.
We are committed to supporting its leadership culture through systems and policies that faster open communication, maintain employees and parter privacy, and assure employee health and safety.

Being one of the TOP UAE investment and Development organization, Armada offers a wide range of residential and commercial projects for which employees can benefit from its facility.

Please stay updated for our facilities in our Hospitality, Medical, and Retail Divisions. 

Employee Testimonials

A place to inspire and be inspired.

Our culture is people first as they are the most important asset of any organization.Our people through their creativity, talent, and willingness to learn are essential to the success of our company.
We believe in and support our employees by giving them all the tools they need to succeed.

Read what our employees have to say about their path from initial opportunity to extraordinary experience. 
See why they’ve found a unique place to grow at Armada Group.
Will be updated with our featured employees soon.

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